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FTD has roots back going back 100 years and was originally owned by florists before a multitude of ownership transfers through the coprorate world. The company headquarters are in Chicago, IL and they sell almost $1 billion in flowers every year!


FTD has a similar network to that of 1800 Flowers, who provide fulfillment services for the orders across the country. These fillers are not chosen by the quality of their floral design but by the amount of supplemental services they purchase from FTD. FTD's fulfillers pay up to 29% of every order as a commission as well as a slew of transaction based charges.


We have seen FTD charge up to $32 in delivery and service fees! If you'd like free delivery and more bang for your buck choose a local Bryan florist who also offers free Bryan flower delivery every day! <--- That's us!

If you'd prefer to still browse the selections at FTD, click hereto visit them!